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Super Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

Super Crispy Sweet Potato Fries via Heather Homefaker

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Pulled or Strained Muscles: What they are, how to treat them, and how to avoid them

A few years ago I was playing in an intramural softball league over the summer.  As a full time college student with a part time job, my exercise time was minimal.  Outside of a 20-30 minute jog here and there … Continue reading

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9 Tasty Foods for a Healthier Way to Tailgate

As a football JUNKIE, I can always use tips for how to not eat a week’s worth of calories from the hours of 12-9pm on Sunday. Click here to go to the LA Fitness official blog and for their 9 … Continue reading

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Rhabdomyolysis – Uncle Rhabdo, Pukie the Clown, and the CrossFit Controversy

The last few days has seen a hot topic flying around the blogosphere and message boards: rhabdomyolysis,  rhabdo for short. The firestorm of opinion was sparked by an Australian health article titled “What Crossfit Doesn’t Want You to Know” published mid-September … Continue reading

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Running in Space

Ever wonder how to work out in zero gravity? Watch astronaut Karen Nyberg from NASA go for a run on the International Space Station treadmill.  Side note: the treadmill is named COLBERT after the comedian, Stephen Colbert. The harness would be … Continue reading

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Run Your Best 5k Infographic

I love a good infographic! Credit to the folks at Greatist and the illustration by Tantika

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Five Tips for Making Health a Consistent Habit

I was browsing a few fitness forums recently, and as usual there are a lot of people new to the world of fitness asking, “What plan is best for me?” Skinny and wanting to bulk up, what kind of diet? … Continue reading

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Bulk Up, Trim Down, Maintain: BMR and BMI Calculator

Before changing to a more fit lifestyle, it is a good idea to find out what your BMR, Basal Metabolic Rate, and BMI, Body Mass Index, are.   Calculating the Basal Metabolic Rate will help you understand how many calories you … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up

Something to chant in your head when pressing for one more set, one more lap, one more rep.

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Dear Humans, Exercise! Love, Science

Scientific American published an article in the August 2013 edition titled, Why Exercise Works Magic by Shari S Bassuk, endocrinologist, Timothy S Church, director of Preventative Medicine Research Laboratory at LSU, and JoAnn E Manson, Professor of Women’s Health at Harvard. … Continue reading

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