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A great way to get motivated to run, if that’s your chosen exercise, is signing up for a race. There are so many options: 5k, 10k, races through mud and obstacles, runs full of color, glow runs, competitive “chipped” races, non-competitive fun runs, half marathons, marathons, Ironman races, and on and on. Sign up for a race far enough in the future to be able to train a little for it (even the shortest distance of 5k needs to be trained for to avoid injury,) and get running! Races generally require an entry fee and often come with a freebie, like a t-shirt or headband you can proudly wear. The moment you make the choice, you become a “runner” who is “training,” which sounds pretty awesome when you tell people. No matter the length, time, or skill level, running is running and training is training. Wear the title proudly!

I live in the greater Houston area, and while it is NOT a mecca for outdoor running, it is a city chocked full of running events.  If you’re looking for a run in the Houston area, I recommend checking out the Houston Running Calendar for a fairly comprehensive list of races including links to registration.  Where do you go to find races in your area?

Recently I became an affiliate with Spartan Race because they are a great option for cross-training style fitness.  Running (but not TOO much) plus obstacles.  Click the icon below to sign up for a race near you!

Experience the World's Best Obstacle Race Series! Sign up for a Reebok Spartan Race Today!


Bit of advice, though, GET GOOD SHOES.

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