The Ultimate Gift Guide for Runners

This post has recently had a spike in popularity for Christmas, and I’m glad to see that!  For a more up to date list CLICK HERE to see what’s hot for runners in 2014!

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If you have found yourself on this page because the runner in your life “accidentally” left it open on your computer or was more transparent and publicly shared it on your Facebook wall, it’s okay.  It is the runner’s cry for help.  The desperate plea to, this Christmas, be spared yet another neck tie and instead get a foam roller, perhaps foreign to you but the best friend of many a runner.  The begging to forgo those beautiful earrings as a birthday gift and instead buy your runner a sparkly new GPS watch.  They speak their own language, and the gifts runners want often seem bizarre or extremely specific, but they just want what the rest of us want: the shiny new thing they keep intending to buy themselves but hope to get as a present instead.

If you’re a runner, you may largely thank my friends on the subreddit “Runnit” where I did a non-scientific poll, asking, “What do you want for Christmas?”  Don’t be shy to Tweet, Pin it or Share This Link on Facebook so you don’t have to pretend to like the gift card or album someone thoughtfully gave you because they just didn’t know you would prefer a good pair of compression socks.  This list is broken down into subcategories: Stocking StuffersTech Gear, AccessoriesClothesShoesSafety Gear, and Big Ticket.



Stocking Stuffers are small inexpensive gifts for runners of all talent levels. 


A unique little product for under $5, a temporary tattoo that helps long distance runners keep their pace in check with 20 different pace options.  Perfect gift for runners looking to Boston Qualify. pacetat gifts for runners running guide ideas

PaceTat $2.95


Gels and Energy Products

Energy gels, shots, candies, bars etc. are a fun, affordable option to stuff a stocking for the runner in your life.  Well suited for mid to long distance runners.  Pay attention to their favorite, or if they have never tried them pick up a variety.  Here are a few options:

Energy Gels by GU, (also now available in Salted Caramel) $1.25

Jelly Belly Sport Beans $1.25

gift guide for runners running christmas holidays birthdays ideas simplyfitandclean

PowerBar Performance Energy Blasts $15.99


For runners with long hair, a good headband is a necessity.  Especially useful in cold climates if they cover the ears.

Trailheads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Headband - Black/True Blue simplyfitandclean gifts for runners

Trailheads Goodbye Girl Ponytail Headband $20

head band gifts for women triathlon running christmas list gear

Moving Comfort Mix It Up Headband 2013, $13.95


BodyGlide is one of those things only a distance athlete would ask for.  Don’t ask why.  Just trust them.

body glide gifts for runners women marathon half 5k distance chage

Body Glide, 1.5 oz, $10.95

Distance Car Magnet

Let your runner show off with a decal or magnet bragging about their best or favorite distance.

marathon car magnet runners gift guide simplyfitandclean

26.2 Marathon Car Magnet, $4.98


Some runners, like myself, love to track data, speed, cadence, body fat, etc.  If you are looking for a gift for a runner with this obsession, tech gear for runners is a great option. 

Foot Pod

If your runner has a GPS with no foot pod, they likely wish they had one to measure cadence.

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor foot pod gifts for runners simplyfitandclean christmas guide

Garmin Foot Pod, $54.99


Some runners don’t like earbuds, in which case the Aerial7 beanie is a great option.  There are a lot of great earbud options for those who prefer them (like me,) and Yurbuds by IronMan are among the most durable.

Aerial7 SoundDisk Sports Beanie runner gift ideas guide running half marathon training simplyfitandclean

Aerial7 SoundDisk Sports Beanie, $45

earbuds ironman running gifts gift guide ideas presents christmas runners simplyfitandclean

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Duo, $49.99


Dataphiles like me LOVE wearable tech, particularly in training mode when getting enough sleep is just as important as running enough miles.  FitBit has released the Flex, which is a gorgeous option.

fitbit flex gift guide buy compare simplyfitandclean runners fitness

FitBit Flex, $99

Body Fat Scale

Keeping track of body fat and weight is important to runners who want to lean up before a long race.  This Smart Body Analyzer can sync with your iPhone or Android device.  Plus it looks pretty.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer and Digifit Heart Rate Monitor iPhone runners gift guide lose weight fitness blogs women weight lifting fitbit

Withings Smart Body Analyzer, $149


Some are free, some come with membership options and add-ons, some cost a few bucks.  If your runner has a smart phone, these apps are great options.

strava run runner's wish list christmas fitbit health blog fitness

STRAVA RUN, Free with option for $60 membership (which is really worth it)

road id gifts for runners fitness blogs

ROAD ID, personalized lock screen with emergency contact info. Free (but invaluable)

omegawave buy review fitbit gifts for runners guide christmas simplyfitandclean
OMEGAWAVE, helps athletes track their cardiac and metabolic systems, $99


Really, this section could be infinite. 

Race/Hydration Belt

Great for runners who prefer to keep a bottle of water at their hips or like to preserve their running clothes by having a belt with race bib clips.

water belt hydration marathon half training athlete women men christmas gift guide runners

Fuel Belt Excursion Bottle Carrier, $36.95

race belt marathon half marathon spibelt women fitness gift guide for runners

SPIbelt Black with Turquoise Zipper Personal Item Belt, $19.95


A good pair of sunglasses that won’t slip over a long run.  Glasses should also be shatter proof and durable.

tifosi wisp sunglasses triathlon marathon half 5k running distance runner gift ideas guide women

Tifosi Wisp Sunglasses 2014, $53.96

Native Eyewear Dash XP triathlon runner half marathon 5k 10k women men gift guide runners running

Native Eyewear Dash XP, $109

Water Bottle

If your runner prefers the treadmill, a quality water bottle makes a great gift.  Consider a palm holder for use on outdoor runs.

water bottle runner running 5k 10k women runners men training athlete gift guide

O’Neill 365 Water Bottle $10

palm water bottle outdoor running runners 5k 10k half marathon training gift guide men women

Nathan Quickdraw Plus, $19

Recovery Goodies

If the runner in your life doesn’t yet own a foam roller, this is a MUST buy.  If your runner does IronMan distances, a cold roller would be even better.  Moji foot massagers work well for runners with plantar faciitis issues.

foam roller runner gifts for runners running women training men 5k 10k half marathon

Everything Yoga Foam Roller – 12 Inches, $13.99

cold roller recovery running training christmas gift guide runners women men 5k 10k half marathon

Trigger Point Cold Roller, $109.99

moji foot massager runner gift guide running half marathon 5k 10k women men recovery training plantar faciitis

Moji 360 Foot Massager, $39


This item was suggested for runners who participate in adventure races or long trail runs and need a good quality pack.

outdoor backpack running gift guide runners men women hiking half marathon

FitMark Formula-1 Velocity Backpack, $125


FAMBox is an exciting subscription service for testing new athletic apparel and energy items without breaking the bank.  Runner’s World magazine is a fun gift at only $1 an issue.

fam box runner gift guide subscription training half marathon women men simplyfitandclean

FAM Box, $30 (supplies can run out so do it soon!)

Runner's World magazine simplyfitandclean gift guide for runners

Runner’s World, $1 an issue

Framed Bib

Does your runner have an accomplishment of which they are especially proud?  Consider framing bibs or medals as a special keepsake.  (Your best bet will be to contact a local custom framer, but pre-made and custom options are available online.)

framed race bib gift ideas for runners guide simplyfitandclean

Framed Race Bib, Prices vary


Clothes are a great gift choice for runners of all skill levels.  Running clothing is also a good option for regular fitness walkers. Plus clothing comes in a huge ranges of prices and styles!  

Running Jacket

running jacket women running gift ideas simplyfitandclean

Women’s Asics Thermopolis LT 1/2 Zip Top, $75

men's running jacket runner gift ideas simplyfitandclean half marathon 5k 10k winter

Men’s Pearl Izumi Fly Evo Pullover, $123

Running Tights

Adidas running tights gift guide runners women simplyfitandclean

Women’s Adidas Supernova Three-Quarter Tights Night Shade, $60

running tights gifts for runners men simplyfitandclean

Men’s 2XU Thermal Tights 2013, $99.95

Running Socks

Different socks are appropriate for different climates and different running lengths, so find out what your runner prefers.

running socks gift guide runners half marathon 5k 10k training simplyfitandclean

DryMax Maximum Protection Running Socks, $24.95

running socks men women gift guide runners half marathon simplyfitandclean

Feetures Elite No Show Tab, $14.99

Zensah Compression Socks, $49.99


running bra women runner gift guide ideas simplyfitandclean

Shock Absorber Running Bra, $80

If you are a female runner and haven’t heard of Dear Kate running briefs, do yourself a major favor and check them out.

dear kate running underwear runners gift ideas guide half marathon 5k 10k

“I Am Strong” set of 2 running bikini briefs by Dear Kate, $58

For men who run in cold weather, I need not explain how this can be helpful.

thermajock runner gift ideas cold weather running men simplyfitandclean

Thermajock, $14.99


Different hat requirements for different weather!

Crew Room Air Head Visor- High Visibility, $25

Trailheads Snowflake Ponytail Hat, $28

simplyfitandclean running guide gift ideas runners half marathon training

Craft Running Cap, $25


I don’t need these here in Houston, but cold climate runners love a good pair of gloves.

running gift ideas guide simplyfitandclean men women

Pearl Izumi Men’s Thermalite Gloves, $15

running gift ideas guide simplyfitandclean half marathon training women

Moving Comfort Just Right Glove 2013 – Women’s, $29.95


In this section I don’t want to link specific products because I honestly don’t think it is a good idea to go buy a pair of running shoes for the runner in your life unless they have been properly fitted and you know exactly which shoe to buy.  However, shoes for cross-training, walking, and weight-lifting are not quite as specific, so if you don’t know the preferred shoes for running, shoes for other life activities are still a fun option.  If your runner is new to the sport and has never been fitted for shoes, schedule a time for him or her to go to the closest sporting store that offers gait analysis (for me it’s Luke’s Locker here in Texas, where I had a great experience,) and change their life with shoes that fit their style of running.

Custom Shoes

If your runner rocks New Balance, a custom version of their kicks would be a unique gift.

custom new balance simplyfitandclean running gift ideas shoes guide half marathon training eating clean

New Balance Custom 574 Women’s, $139.95

Adidas also offers costumizing on many different shoes, including their Falcon Elite.

custom shoes runner gift guide ideas half marathon simplyfitandclean

Men’s Adidas Mi Falcon Elite 2, $90


Safety is (or should be) the top priority when running outdoors.  These safety running gift ideas will help keep your runner protected, especially when the winter days limit hours of running in the sun. 

Reflective Vest

reflective vest running gift ideas guide half marathon training simplyfitandclean safety

Nathan Reflective Vest – Streak, $22.95

safety running gift ideas guide simplyfitandclean

Nathan Safety Strobe, $6.99

One of the most mentioned items in my survey of what runners want was the Road ID bracelet.  Customize it however fits your needs, especially if your runner has an allergy or needs a certain medication.

Note: This is not to do with running, but my four year old has Autism and is non-verbal.  His school recommends Road ID’s or similar products for traveling with non-verbal children.

road id safety simplyfitandclean runners gift ideas running guide training half marathon

Road ID Sport, $19.99

safety running gift ideas guide simplyfitandclean

Road ID Reflective Wrist Bands, $9.99


A few fun ideas if you have a good chunk of cash to spend on a running gift. 


Even if they prefer to run outside, everyone who enjoys to run could use a good, quality treadmill close by for those days when it’s too hot, too cold, or too late.

treadmill running gift ideas guide simplyfitandclean proform half marathon training

Proform Power 995, $999

GPS Watch 

If they haven’t already chatted your ear off about it then they probably don’t know that Garmin is releasing their highly anticipated new GPS watches, the Garmin Forerunner 220 and 620.  They are probably the most exciting GPS watches to come out this year.  I am linking these through Clever Training, which offers pre-order of these devices which will ship in early December.  Plenty of time to get them under the tree.

garmin forerunner 220 running gift ideas guide simplyfitandclean half marathon training gps watch

Garmin Forerunner 220, $249.99

garmin forerunner 620 preorder simplyfitandclean running gift guide ideas half marathon training

Garmin Forerunner 620, $399.99

Sports Massage/Spa Day

Whatever the level of skill or dedication, a good quality massage is  always a good idea.  You might consider a gift certificate from SpaFinder or look for a local sports massage therapist or physical therapist in your area.  Prices vary.

Destination Race

A race entry is a fantastic gift idea, and something like a 5k fun run can be very affordable.  But if you really want to see the runner in your life jump for joy, consider a race that involves travel and a little vacation.  One idea I thought of was the Hawaii Spartan Sprint at Aloha Stadium March 23, 2014!  A race entry and a trip to Hawaii?  Sign me up.

Any must-have gifts you hoped to see on the list?  Let me know in the comments or by email at so I can help you drop a heavy-handed hint this Christmas.  If you want some good running gear this Christmas,  TweetPin it or Share This Link on Facebook.

Many of these links are through my affiliates but not all.  No one has paid to have their product featured on this gift guide.  Always feel free to comparison shop!

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Note: These are just suggestions, so if your runner is very particular about their gear, take that as a hint.  Example: If you can through the list and think, “Oh, my runner wears tights like that!” but you know they always wear the same kind, find out the brand and size and get them the same style or pick up a gift card so they can pick out their own.
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