Healthy Weight Loss: An Infographic

As you may remember, I am a sucker for infographics, and this post about healthy weight loss from Pritikin caught my eye.

healthy weight lossSource

What I love about this infographic is the emphasis on lifestyle.  When we perform routine maintenance on our cars, there are no deadlines or timeframes, like, “I’m going to change the oil once and hope for the best the rest of the time I own my car.”  Going “on a diet” or signing up for a gym membership with no long term plan is a similar mentality.  “I just need to lose ten pounds then things will go back to normal.”  If your “normal” brought you to a place you don’t like, going back to normal will take you right back to where you don’t want to be.  As with maintaining a car, it’s a long term commitment to maintain the thing you care about: your body.  (Of course this infographic promotes the Pritikin program, which I honestly don’t know anything about, so take that for what it’s worth.)

healthy weight loss

Diets don’t work.  What works, long term, is a commitment to regular exercise and proper nutrition.  Perfection is not required (or even encouraged.)

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2 Responses to Healthy Weight Loss: An Infographic

  1. Rebecca says:

    Love this infographic! And totally agree – Diets DON’T WORK!

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