Clean Eating in Three Words

Many people stumble across this page while looking for a clean eating blog or asking the question, “What is clean eating?”

I’ve discussed the importance of eating clean , put together a week’s worth of links for people looking for a clean eating meal plan, and shared my list of 5 foods to cut out and replace, so please feel free to thumb through those pages for more information.  Today, after having filled my waistband out nicely over the holidays, I want to remind myself and my readers of the basic principle of clean eating:

Eat Real Food | simplyfitandclean

Eat. Real. Food.  There is no set of points or pre-packaged, freeze-dried foods to eat.  Clean eating is not about being hungry or going without.  It’s about choosing to eat real food when it still looks like real food. McDonald’s was caught telling its own workers to not eat McDonald’s, and I think it was a great bit of advice.

Now that the holidays are over, let’s commit together to eating more REAL food.

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    Great post! We just recently explored clean eating and the benefits. Check it out:

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