FAM Box Review

UPDATE: FAM Box is no longer in business.

In my Ultimate Runner’s Gift Guide I mentioned a new company out of Nashville, Tennessee called FAM Box, and this past month they sent me a box to demonstrate their service so I could share with readers what I think about it.  First I’ll tell you about the company, then I’ll share the products I received and give my thoughts on those.

FAM Box Review, Monthly Running Gear Subscription

FAM Box (FAM = Fitness + Athletics + Movement) is a monthly service subscription for running gear.  For $30 a month, a box of goodies selected for your gender and clothing size shows up on your door step.  Why do I like them?

Value: The contents of each box are easily worth more than $30, and you don’t have to leave your house!  This is especially useful if you live away from a big city full of running stores.  Even if you’re a city girl like me, it’s hard for me to get in and out of a running store without spending $100 or more with big retail markups.

Customer Service: If you don’t like what your box contains one month or a clothing item doesn’t fit, they offer easy returns and size exchanges.

Variety: Each month is something new and different, and it’s not always something you would think to buy for yourself.  For example, I’ve been wanting to get compression leg sleeves, but I wanted to try a pair before committing to a high quality pair like this or this.  My FAM Box included a set, so I was saved the hassle.  FAM Boxes also often include gels or energy bars, which is a great feature since I don’t want to drive all the way to the closest running store to pay retail for single packets of the stuff.

– Inspiration: Even for experienced runners, getting out the door and running is usually the hardest part.  Getting a new box of running gear to try might be enough to push me to workout so I can test something new.

On an A-F grading scale, A being highest, FAM Box easily earns an A.

FAM Box Contents: 

fam box

I love getting packages, so coming home to this on my porch was a bonus.

The box opened

All the goodies. It was more than I expected!

Reebok Women’s Side Piped Training Shorts:

These are a good example of an item I wouldn’t think to buy but am glad I got the chance to try.  My workout bottoms tend to either be tiny running shorts like this or pants/capris like these on lift days.  The problem is I don’t like running in long pants and don’t like lifting in short shorts because they show too much.  These training shorts by Reebok have a nice 5 inch inseam and are lightweight, so running in them was easy, and they worked great for lifts.

In a lovely red

Just because I like you, a picture of me looking like I’m trying to inflate every balloon on the planet

Would I buy again?  Yes.  If you prefer something shorter, these are a good option.  If you prefer longer, try something like this.

Swiftwick Aspire Zero Running Socks:

These very low profile socks by Swiftwick are thin, low, and really well made.

swiftwick aspire zero running socks FAM box

In gorgeous pink

swiftwick aspire zero FAM box

Fit is glove-like and very low

Would I buy again?  Absolutely yes and probably will.  I hadn’t heard of this brand before and was really glad to be introduced to them by FAM Box.  Easily my favorite item which jumped the line to the top of my running sock rotation. You can buy some limited colors here or on find more options on the Swiftwick website.

Under Armour Hairties: 

With no metal band these hair ties by Under Armour are “ouchless” and have the added benefit of being cute and a bit tougher than the cheapies I normally use on a run.  If you have a problem with hair breakage like I do but need to keep it out of your face, be sure to look for some hairties like these that are solid but have no metal or exposed elastic to pinch and break hair.

Better than boring black

For running I use a hairtie at the back, braid, and secure with a second at the bottom

Would I buy again?  Probably.  They are cute and easy. I put them straight into my box of “hair stuff” and have worn them for every run and workout since.   These are similar as are these. 

Red Lion Neon Compression Leg Sleeves:

As I mentioned above, I have been wanting to try compression leg sleeves, so I was pumped to get a pair in my FAM Box.  The reviews on these were that they are “too tight,” but they are compression socks, so they are supposed to be tight enough to help prevent shin splints.  I found them to be snug, but to be fair I, and all of my siblings, have little chicken ankles/calves, so “too tight” isn’t a problem I deal with in that area of my body.

Nice and bright, which is a bonus for safety when running outdoors

Pictured: Red Lion Leg Sleeves, Under Armour Hair Ties, and Swiftwick socks (see, I told you they were low)

Would I buy again?  Maybe.  They are on the “affordable” end of the compression sleeve scale, which I like, but I don’t mind paying for quality gear.  I’ll give them a few more runs and washes to see how they quality holds up.  (I’ve washed them once and they did fine.)  You can buy them here or go for a pricier version like these.

Overall, I LOVED my FAM Box and will gladly recommend a subscription to any runner who will listen (or anyone looking for a unique present for the runner they love.)  Visit the FAM Box webpage or check them out on Facebook.

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Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary FAM Box for this post, but they are not paying for this review.
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