Consumer Electronics Show 2014: What’s New in Fitness Tech

The International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is going on right now in Las Vegas, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the new fitness tech companies brought to show off on this big stage for innovators.  This year “fitness tech” got an entire “tech zone” or designated section of the exhibition floor, which supports what I’ve said before, that wearable technology is here to day.  I picked a few exciting companies and products (no remuneration) to highlight here.

Fitness Technology Announced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show | Simply Fit & Clean


wellographWhat is it? Another entrant in the “fitness watch” segment in the luxury price range.

Why is it worth mentioning? With a sapphire quartz face, this watch is much more durable and attractive than the average fitness tracker.  It can also store four months of data, functions as a heart rate sensor with no strap, and only need bi-monthly charging. Available Spring 2014 for $320. 

LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earbuds 

LG earbudsWhat is it? A fitness wrist band with coordinating earbuds and app.

Why is it worth mentioning? These earbuds generated a bit of news buzz when they were unveiled because of one unique feature: they measure your heart rate and oxygen consumption through your ears.  Available this spring, price information not released.

Basis Carbon Steel Edition

basis carbon steel

What is it? The upgrade to the Basis B1, a popular watch style fitness band.

Why is it worth mentioning? In addition to the features of the B1 that make the watch unique, specifically body temperature and perspiration tracking, the Carbon Steel Edition features Advanced Sleep Tracking.  Unlike other fitness bands, Basis watches track sleep automatically, and the advanced functions will be able to tell users if they are in light, deep, or REM sleep.  Available at the Basis site for $199. 

Looxcie 3

looxcie 3

What is it? A small, wearable HD camera.

Why is it worth mentioning? Not all fitness-related tech gear was a band or watch this year.  The Looxcie is tiny, colorful, and capable of live streaming, meaning your friends and family can watch you cross the finish line or carving down a double black diamond in real time, and it’s affordable enough to confidently take it on those courses.  Available now for $99. 

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