Fitness Goal Check In & Giveaway Winner

Before we do our fitness goal check in, first, I want to congratulate JaneAnn for winning the Spartan Race Giveaway! I hope the race goes well and you can earn the coveted Spartan finishers medal.  If any of you were hoping to win and considering signing up as a Spartan, click here and use the code “SPEAR10” for $10 off or “FINISH10” for 10% off (Valid US races only.)

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Second, I want to see how everyone is doing on their goals for the year.  I’m still sick and falling behind on my yearly running miles goal, but I am doing my best to keep up with the second goal, which is to drink the recommended daily amount of water every day.  Now that I’ve been doing it for a few weeks I find myself craving cold, clean water every day.  I keep a Brita pitcher like this in the fridge, so I always have delicious water waiting.  (Sorry, Houston, your tap water tastes like lizards.)  Remember, 2014 is YOUR YEAR.  Start small, start keeping track, and most importantly start today. 

This is MY Year #fitspo | Simply Fit & Clean

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