Jump Rope Exercises – Not Just a Playground Toy

If you are looking to burn calories and quickly build cardiovascular health, jump rope exercises are a great option.

Jump Rope Exercises: Torch calories fast! | Simply Fit & Clean


Portable: A jump rope is small and can be carried or stored just about anywhere.  Take it traveling, keep it in your car, or stash it in a drawer and always have a mini-gym ready to go.

Affordable: A jump rope specifically for exercise (as opposed to a playground toy for kids,) costs less than ten bucks and will last you decades.

Effective: Switching moves on a jump rope has the calorie burning benefits of HIIT training that aren’t present with a stagnant treadmill or elliptical run, meaning jump rope exercises can boost your weight loss calorie burns.

Different: Jump rope exercises provide great cross training.  If you’re a runner with specific running injuries, jumping rope helps build muscle variety and promotes structural balance. 


Perhaps the biggest challenge of jumping rope, or most cardio really, is not to get bored by the monotony.  You can always watch TV on a treadmill or listen to music, but jumping up and down isn’t conducive to watching anything and makes it hard to keep earbuds in. Try these moves to break things up (turn your speakers down a bit):

Fitsugar has a great instructional video here as well.

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