#MoveMoreBurnMore – The LA Fitness 90 Day Diet and Nutrition Plan

Last week I posted about the official LA Fitness Blog’s #MoveMoreBurnMore Campaign and the 90 Day Fitness Plan.  Today I want to point you back their way for the next part in their series, “The LA Fitness 90 Day Diet and Nutrition Plan.LA Fitness 90 Day Diet and Nutrition Plan #MoveMoreBurnMore | Simply Fit & Clean


This article, the first in a series, includes a four week, four step plan to clean up your diet and improve your nutrition.  Those steps are:

1 – Assess where your diet is presently

2 – Set up a schedule and routine for your meals

3 – Create an environment for success

4 – Shop wisely at the grocery store

To read more detail about each step as well as lots of helpful tips from their registered dietitian, click HERE to read the original article.

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