It’s the Little Things – Small Improvements Make for Big Changes

It’s the Little Things – Small Improvements Make for Big Changes

Now that New Years Resolutions are feeling old, I think it’s a good time to revisit the idea that we don’t have to make giant, drastic changes to see results in our health and fitness.

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Let’s look at something simple like eggs.  Pretend you like to make an omelet for breakfast every day using four eggs (and other ingredients to make it delicious.)  Four whole eggs at 72 calories each is 288 calories.  If you simply took two yolks out of that omelet (egg whites alone are only 17 calories each,) the egg portion of your breakfast drops to 178 calories.  Assuming everything else in your life stayed exactly the same, you have cut out 100 calories a day, 700 calories a week, 2800 calories a month, 33,600 calories down in a year, giving you a 9.6 lb weight loss by the end of the year for essentially no effort.  Nearly 10 pounds just for cutting out a few egg yolks!

In practice most people are not so predictable as that, eating the exact same thing and maintaining absolute constants in our habits, but this example demonstrates how you don’t have to be an Olympian or a body builder to start taking back control of your body.  Here are a few ideas for small improvements you can implement today and approximately how much difference you would see on a scale if nothing else changed.

– 30 minute walk after dinner 4 days a week (8.2 lbs/year)

– Replace two cans of sugary Cola with water per week (3.78 lbs/year)

– Going to one hour of Zumba per week (6.73 lbs/year)

– Don’t add medium fries to your meal once per week (4.93 lbs/year)

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred 3 days a week (9.46 lbs/year) 

Keeping track of your movement with a Fitbit can help you set goals to move more. 285 more steps per day (9.6 lbs/year)

I encourage healthy, clean eating and regular exercise for everyone, but getting started can be a real hurdle, and small changes can help kick start you on your journey.  Making fitness a healthy habit can start out as doing little things that eventually lead to big changes.  The great multiplier is TIME.  Even small changes require consistency and dedication.

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  1. I lost over 30 lbs. in a year just by making “little changes” like these. My biggest tip would be to buy a food scale and measure serving sizes – it seems obsessive, but it made me realize that I tend to waaaay overestimate what a serving looks like.

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