Five Trends in Natural Foods

Two days ago tens of thousands of people attended Natural Products Expo West and learned first hand the trends in natural foods for 2014.  Below are five trends in natural foods with an example of a product  made by companies who attended Natural Products Expo West.

5 Trends in Natural Foods (and fun new products to try!) | Simply Fit & Clean

1) CHIA SEEDS – If you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest lately this won’t come as a surprise at all.  Chia seeds – yes like the kind you grow on Chia Pets – are a non-fish source of Omega-3 and easy to add to meals.  (I always toss a handful in my oatmeal.) It’s also compressed to extract oil from the mini seeds for use as a moisturizer.  Mamma Chia exhibited their squeezable pouches at the expo if you’re looking for an easy way to easily eat more of this super food yourself or for your kids:

2) KALE – Kale is a superfood (like sweet potatoes) currently enjoying time in the lime light.  You can buy a full cookbook dedicated just to kale! I find kale to be challenging to consume straight and often use it in smoothies, mixed in a salad, or on top of a fajita.  A popular, pre-prepared option for consuming more kale is the surprisingly delicious kale chip.  Try these by Brad’s Raw Foods:

3) GLUTEN FREE – The trend of stepping away from gluten seems to be here to stay, and the great news is that more and more companies are working to create easy, affordable products that taste great.  There are lots of great gluten free cookbooks available. A gluten free diet has been shown to improve gastrointestinal problems for certain people while others enjoy the diet for a variety of other health reasons.   Consider trying products from 1-2-3 Gluten Free who specialize in gluten free baking mixes like this:

4) QUINOA – Another Pinterest favorite is quinoa (pronounced keen-wah.)  I love using quinoa as a direct swap for white riceand it’s an amazing protein source for those following a vegetarian diet.  Oh you want a quinoa cookbook?  Done.  Keen One Quinoa makes a cereal alternative to granola that, thanks to the protein factor, will keep you feeling fuller longer and with more energy:

5 trends quinoa
5) PALEO – On the opposite end of the spectrum of vegetarianism/veganism is the paleo diet.  This merits an entire post, but in short the paleo diet focuses on eating like our caveman ancestors.  Lots of organic meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables combined with removing dairy, grains, and anything refined.  And yes, there are lots of cookbooksSteve’s Paleogoods represented at Natural Products Expo West this year, showing off their paleo jerky and other products:



Reebok Introduces the AK Court, Designed by Alicia Keys 
Alicia Keys has another head-turning design for the Reebok Classic Collection: AK Court Sneakers. These mid-cut sneakers are Alicia’s take on a throwback version of basketball sneakers — inner tomboy wrapped in elegant beauty. These shoes have eye-catching cut-outs, an EVA midsole and padded foam sockliner for super comfort, and high abrasion rubber outsoles for durability and traction. Thanks to Alicia, cool basketball sneakers aren’t just for the boys anymore. 

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