Five Spring Trends for Fitness Fashion

Five Spring Trends for Fitness Fashion

This spring’s fashion trends can easily be interpreted in fitness fashion.  Who wants to look drab when you’re feeling like a badass at the gym, in the box, or on the trail? With the rise of athleisure, it’s pretty standard wear around my neighborhood to be dolled up in Lululemon or Athleta whether working out or not.

Here are five trends for spring 2014 as interpreted in gym wear:

Five Spring Trends in Fitness Fashion | Simply Fit & Clean

1- Pastels 

I think pastels go in style just about every spring. To me, it’s just a little easier to get out of bed and go on a run when I have a cute piece of pastel to wear.


2 – Contrast Collars 

I feel like the contrast of the collar on these two tennis tees from Nike are just so slick. They dress up an otherwise pretty standard design. 


3 – Wide Legs

Wide leg pants are no good for biking and not my favorite for running, but they are fantastic for yoga, pilates, and looking amazing while doing just about everything else.

4 – Bomber Jackets

Does this jacket actually make you run faster and jump higher? Because I’m pretty sure it DOES.

5 – Tuxedo Stripes 

These are maybe my favorite of the spring trends for fitness fashion. I love me a tuxedo stripe.

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