Healthy Smoothies – Links to over 100 Recipes!

Healthy Smoothies

With two young kids in the house, sometimes the only way I can get them to look at a vegetable is by hiding them in healthy smoothies.  Basically no matter the recipe, I add some spinach or kale or pour in some Bolthouse Farms Daily Greens (which on its own tastes TERRIBLE but is an easy option for pouring into a smoothie or a juice.)  I buy bulk bags of frozen fruit, add some type of green veggie, if I have them on hand I add a fresh banana, put in a handful of ground flax seed or chia seeds, and whatever yogurt I have handy.  If it needs more liquid, I pour in some Crystal Light or almond milk.  If it needs more sweet I use agave nectar or stevia.  There isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason to it for me, which is fine, but they all pour out of my Ninja Master Blender (which I love for smoothies) tasting basically the same.  I have looked around for some great lists of recipes for healthy smoothies and am sharing the links with you below.

Links to Over 100 Recipes for Healthy Smoothies! (Save this link) | Simply Fit & Clean

1 – Gracious Pantry, as usual a great resource for recipes with 46 varieties of healthy smoothies

2 –, 20 different options including one called the “Orange Dream Creamsicle”

3 – Clean Eating Magazine, 5 juices and smoothies with some “who would have thought?” ingredients like cannellini beans. (I have this juicer and love it for the price.)

4 – Food Network, 16 recipes that have likely gone through their rigorous test kitchen

5 – Cooking Light, 25 recipes for healthy smoothies including a peanut butter/banana/flax seed smoothie that packs a protein punch

Healthy smoothies are a great way to recover from a hard workout, an affordable way to manage weight gain, and as I said, a great trick for getting my kids to eat vegetables.

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