10 Bad Exercise Habits to Break

10 Bad Exercise Habits to Break

Time Magazine recently published “10 Exercise Cheats to Blow Your Calorie Burn,” click HERE to read the full contents.  If you feel like you’ve been working and working to reach the next level but aren’t making any progress, you might have fallen into some bad exercise habits. Breaking those bad habits can help you break through a plateau, exercise more efficiently, and better prevent injury. Here is there list of ten things to avoid while exercising:

Stuck at a plateau? Here are 10 Bad Exercise Habits to Break (pin now, read later) | Simply Fit & Clean

  1. Swinging movements – maintaining control through a move increases effectiveness, especially in weight lifting
  2. Holding the handles – letting your arms swing on the treadmill or elliptical encourages calorie burn
  3. Short stretches – stretching moves should be non-bouncy and held for 20-30 seconds each, not 2-3 seconds
  4. Waiting for equipment – if someone else is using your machine or weights, find something else to do
  5. Stretching between exercises – stretching mid-routine can decrease the amount of weight you can lift immediately after
  6. Not pushing through the tough times – if you want to run for a full minute, run for the FULL MINUTE.  Staying in the comfort zone makes change harder to realize “Tell yourself, ‘I am strong’ or ‘I can do this’ to get through tough spots.”
  7. Skipping warm up or cool down – arrive to classes on time and don’t leave early (same applies to workout DVDs)
  8. Reading/Texting/Facebook on a machine – if you are moving slow enough to read comfortably, it’s probably too slow and un-focused
  9. Channel flipping – entertainment is great for a workout, but if you spend half your gym time finding the right channel or album, you probably aren’t working out as much as you think you are (think: I exercised for an hour! reality: I was at the gym for an hour and exercised for twenty minutes)
  10. Not enough time spent in high-intensity mode – the “fat burning zone” is sort of a deceiving name

…while 60% of the calories you burn come from fat at a low intensity and only 35% come from fat at a higher intensity, you burn more calories total at the higher intensity, which is the by far more important factor for weight loss.

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