What Does 200 Calories Look Like? by asapScience

We are just rolling in from a lovely (and exhausting) weekend of camping, and I returned to find this lovely video and accompanying link in my inbox asking me “What does 200 calories look like?”

 What Does 200 Calories Look Like? | Simply Fit & Clean

“This is 200 Calories” by asapScience, which incidentally makes a lot of great, easy to watch videos to make you feel a little smarter in less than five minutes.

If you’d rather see 200 calorie comparisons in picture form, click HERE to visit wiseGEEK for a bunch of “what 200 calories looks like” photos.  200 calories isn’t some sort of magic number, just an example to show how junk foods, oils, and refined carbs can spike your calorie intake without making you feel very full (since they take up almost no room in your stomach.) This photo comparing 400 calorie servings is another good demonstration of that point: Caloric Density So if you’re feeling snacky and monitoring your weight, consider filling up on a clean option like apples or grapes where you get a whole bowl full guilt free instead of a half a candy bar with a hard-to-resist second half.  If your healthy options are limited, pay attention to portions.  A bottle of sugary cola and a bag of chocolate candies will feel like a snack in your stomach but contains the same calories as a full meal.

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