Can a Busy Mom Workout? Fitting It In

Can a Busy Mom Workout?

I’ve been lagging a bit behind on posting this week for two reasons. First, I recently started a great new job at Camino Information Services, an IT Solutions company here in Houston, so I’m figuring out a new equilibrium.  Second, I have been spending my evenings reading the Divergent series.  I can’t help it.  I’m a bandwagonner.  So this week I wanted to talk about how hard it is to get in a Mom Workout, whether you have one kid or five kids, a full time job outside of the house or are home with the kids full time.  Here are a few tips I have used personally or my friends have used to get some mom workout time.

Can a Busy Mom Workout? 5 Tips for Fitting it In | Simply Fit & Clean

Of course this doesn’t just apply to mothers but also fathers and anyone who has to worry about caring for children as part of their schedule. A blogger’s gotta do her SEO.

1) Gym Membership with Child Care

This is my personal favorite busy mom workout option because it comes with a much needed break.  The drawback is the price per month as well as travel to and from the gym.

2) Workout Before the Kids Wake

After they go to bed is also an option, but it’s better to workout at least a few hours before bed time so you are able to fall asleep easily.  A lot of my friends do workout DVDs like P90x or run on a home treadmill before the little ones get out of bed.  Some even wake pre-5am if their kids are early risers.  Now that’s dedication.

3) Depend on Your Significant Other

When I was training for the half marathon I was fortunate to have a very supportive husband who would take the kids for 2 or 3 hours on a Sunday morning while I ran.  If you are lucky like me and have someone supportive in your life, hand the kids over and get in that mom workout.

4) Involve the Kids

There are lots of ways to involve your children in exercising with a side bonus of teaching them life-long healthy habits.  Some options are running with a jogging stroller, dedicating a set amount of time to jumping on the trampoline with them (set a timer so you don’t quit early because that is a tough workout,) family bike rides, and games that involve lots of running like tag.

5) Wearable Tech

If setting aside a block of time dedicated to a busy mom workout isn’t feasible, try a fitness band like a Fitbit and set a good goal that is ambitious but not out of reach. Busy Mom Workout

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