Best Gifts for Runners 2014

One of my most popular posts on this page is my Ultimate Runners Gift Guide from last November, but now the best gifts for runners need to be updated for a 2014 edition.*

Best Gifts for Runners 2014

I always like to start these posts with a warning: If your runner is very, very particular about what they wear on a run, DON’T THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  They have their favorite items and brands for good reason, so go ahead and find out exactly what those things are and replace things for them, like their favorite type of running sock.  Shoes are very personal, especially for distance runners, so I recommend buying a gift card to their running shoe store.  (Trust me, they’ll love it!)

Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Earbud organizers, because the tangling, OH THE TANGLING, $2.99
Best Gifts for RunnersPaceTat, for runners trying to Boston Qualify, $2.99
Best Gifts for RunnersHydraPak Soft Flask, because runners need to focus on hydration even more than regular folks, (these collapse small enough to keep in a purse) $19.99
Best Gifts for RunnersSuddora Zippered Wrist Sweatbands are a great way to hold a key and ID on a long run without adding bulk, $8.99
Best Gifts for Runners

FlipBelt, they can hold a surprising amount discreetly (but they don’t come with abs, unfortunately,) $26.99

Reflector Running Set, keeping runners safe in the shorter daylight hours of winter, $12

BodyGlide, because chafing is a runner’s worst enemy, $9.99
Best Gifts for Runners

Gifts for Women Runners

Pearl Izumi Insulatour Jacket – Full Zip (For Women) by Pearl Izumi for cold winter runs, $111.95

Best Gifts for Runners

Pearl Izumi at ShopStyle

TrailHeads Ponytail Headband, warmth and style in one, $18.00
Best Gifts for RunnersShock Absorber Running Bra for full-figured runners, $80Best Gifts for Runners


Nike Tech Dri Fit tights are an awesome addition to a runner’s wardrobe, $75
Best Gifts for Runners


Zensah Reflect Running gloves for cold weather runners, $34.99
Best Gifts for Runners


Nike Running Sunglasses.  I never ever run without glasses, even in winter. $176
Best Gifts for Runners

Gifts for Men Runners

Nike Aeroloft running jacket.  I know this is $$$ but I love the down chest piece. $250
Best Gifts for Runners


Nike Thermal running tights, because thermal is a must for outdoor runners in cold locations, $75
Best Gifts for Runners


Under Armor ColdGear hat, wicks moisture and keeps ears covered, $26.99
Best Gifts for RunnersWraparound Running Glasses.  In glasses, look for light weight, non-chafing, and good wraparound coverage. $22.99
Best Gifts for RunnersMizuno Run Gloves for winter joggers, $18.80
Best Gifts for Runners

Tech Runners Gifts

Garmin GPS Watch.  When I asked my Facebook Running Group what they would ask for for Christmas, the two most popular answers were race fees and a Garmin GPS watch.  If I were getting a new one, I would ask for the 220, $299
Best Gifts for Runners

TomTom GPS Watch.  If someone were to hand me this instead, I wouldn’t exactly be disappointed, $133.99
Best Gifts for Runners

Bosavi Rechargeable Headlamp
, a must for running in the dark, $69.95

Bosavi Rechargeable Headlamp

JayBird BlueBuds Bluetooth Headphones, one of the few bluetooth style headphones that can really work for runners, $132.99

Books for Runners

Spartan Up! by Spartan Race tour de force himself Joe de Sena.  This is a recent release, so if your runner loves obstacle-style or mud run type events, this is a great gift (and has great reviews,) $18.26
Best Gifts for Runners

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, a national bestseller detailing the Tarahumara Indians known for running great distances barefoot.  Warning: This book is behind the “barefoot running” craze, so if you don’t want your loved one to wear shoes with toes, pick a new book, $10.63

Best Gifts for Runners


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