Post Workout and Muscle Recovery Infographic

Thanks to Supplement Mart in Australia for this great muscle recovery infographic on post workout and muscle recovery. Guide-to-Post-Workout-Muscle-Recovery-InfographicWhat surprises you the most about this post workout and muscle recovery infographic? For me, I was not aware that eating smart post workout can enhance bone mass. As a woman who hopes to avoid osteoporosis, this is especially appealing to me.

What surprises me the least is that age makes recovery harder. This blog is five years old now, and the difference in personal recovery time is very noticeable. I went bowling with my co-workers recently, and that involved some weirdly specific muscle use. (I’m a terrible bowler, by the way.) My left glute was sore for at least three days! From bowling! As a teenager I could pop up and run (against my wishes and never fast or with enthusiasm) with no stretching, warmup, or training and not be sore the next day. Grumpy, yes, because I never exercised on purpose. Sore? Rarely.

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