Wind Blox Review

Wind Blox Review

Official Wind Blox Review by Simply Fit & Clean. One of my absolutely most favorite places about where we live in Utah is that we back right onto a rail trail. It’s an old right of way D&RGW train line with the tracks removed, paved over for non-motorized commuters.

Wind Blox Review

Perfect running, jogging, skating, long-boarding, or biking path that literally crosses into my backyard. This awesome trail plus living pretty close to my office means I regularly cycle-commute to work. When I got the chance to do a Wind Blox Review, I immediately sought it out because I get it now.

See how straight that is??? And flat as well. I heart this trail.

There are a few things about cycling that I loathe: bugs, inattentive drivers, and wind noise. There is nothing to be done about the bugs, the trail is 95% protected from cars, and the noise… I didn’t know how other people were dealing with the rushing wind sound without buying full-on motorcycle helmets and sweating to death (though I guess that would also help with the bugs.)

Here’s the other thing about living in Northern Utah. It can get really windy, and even on a gorgeous day the breeze will be loud enough to make it hard to hear cars or other cyclists.

Since every fourth person in this state cycles and they are, without fail, faster than me, it’s pretty crucial to everyone’s safety to be able to hear someone coming up behind me. When I heard there is an affordable product that increases safety without interfering with anything I normally do, I was excited to try.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Wind Blox or free from Wind Blox in consideration for a gear review, but they have not specified what I should say about them.

Wind Blox Review

Just a little box the size of a deck of cards

When I pulled them out of the box I was struck by how tiny they are. Something so small couldn’t work, could they? I slipped them on the straps of my bicycle helmet and took off for a ride.

Wind Blox Review

They’re so simple

At first, I didn’t really notice a difference. It was a nice, straight ride down the trail on a busy Saturday. I stopped at the halfway point, pulled off the Wind Blox, and kept going.

Sans Wind Blox

Sans Wind Blox

HOLY CRAP. It was quite a breezy morning, and without the Wind Blox I couldn’t hear anything but the whoosh as I rode. I have no way of measuring decibels, but it was definitely a huge difference. Rather than test the whole way back without them, I stuck them back on (which takes about .2 seconds) and rode home.

With Wind Blox (Yeah you can see them but they are pretty unobtrusive)

With Wind Blox – yeah you can see them but they are pretty unobtrusive

Wind Blox Pros

  1. Small – They felt a little weird for a second, but they are lightweight and small I immediately got used to them
  2. Affordable – The two versions they sell are both under $20
  3. They Work! – Being able to hear on a bike will only make you safer, and these definitely make ambient noise easier to hear

Wind Blox Cons

  1. Velcro + Hair – I’m a girl with hair, so the velcro got a little tricky when I tried to put them back on while still wearing my helmet

A huge pro for the Wind Blox is that this review got my butt off the couch on a gorgeous day to ride the gorgeous rail trail where I got to stop and take pictures of cute baby calves and llamas. (Yeah, there’s a llama farm by my house.)

Cow Babies!

Cow babies!


Llaaaaammaaa faaaaaace

If you cycle, especially if you cycle around traffic where hearing is crucial to your safety, I would consider spending a few bucks on Wind Blox to improve rides.

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