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Running With the Bulls!

So I’ve been MIA from the blog for a bit, but my excuse was SPAIN, where I spent a big chunk of July and ran with the bulls in Pamplona!  Easily the craziest thing I have ever done.  Here are … Continue reading

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What I’m Loving in BLUE Fitness Gear – Light it Up for Autism

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  THIS FUNDRAISER HAS ENDED AFTER RAISING $50 FOR AUTISM SPEAKS WHICH WAS MATCHED FOR A TOTAL DONATION OF $100. Autism Speaks has designated April as “Autism Awareness Month” and encourages everyone to “Light it Up … Continue reading

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The Best Sneaker for Every Workout via Fitness Magazine

I finally got around to subscribing to Fitness Magazine, and my first issue arrived today with their ranking of the best sneaker for every workout, titled “Fit to Be Tied.”  Below I’ll present their winners, and if you want hear … Continue reading

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A Mile is a Mile – The Danger of Comparison

Almost from the moment we are born we are taught to compare ourselves against our peers.  Baby weights go onto a graph and parents compare percentiles and growth curves.  The silent competition continues our whole lives, and perhaps it is … Continue reading

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IT Band Syndrome – Recovery Update

If you’ve never heard of IT Band Syndrome, it has nothing to do with information technology, a rock band, or any psychological disorders.  IT band syndrome, illiotibial band syndrome for long or ITBS for short, is a very common overuse injury … Continue reading

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Where People Run – Visualizing Popular Routes

FlowingData did a post recently with some cool maps of where people run in 22 different cities (and instructions on how to get your own map.) Here you can see New York City and ParisClick on the maps above or … Continue reading

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Why You Should Run a Spartan Race & Giveaway!

What is a Spartan Race?  Unlike a normal distance run, Spartan Races include a variety of obstacles and challenges designed to push athletes to new physical and mental heights. I’ll let them explain in their own words the Spartan way: … Continue reading

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Athletic Shoes: Running, Weights, Cross Training

I get asked often “what kind of athletic shoes do you wear to workout?”  The answer is, “It depends.”  After spending way too long wearing cheap athletic shoes, store brand from whatever major chain was having a sale, I learned … Continue reading

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Treadmill Workouts: 5 Works to Help You Stay Out of the Cold!

With winter hitting areas of of the Northeast especially hard and the safety of sunlit hours shortened, it’s time to look into treadmill workouts as an alternative to running outdoors.  For those who don’t or can’t run, many treadmill workouts … Continue reading

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Race Report: RunGirl 13.1

After months of training (and talking and talking…), I finally did it.  I ran my first half marathon.  It was a challenge, but it was incredibly rewarding, and I hope to run another in 2014. The Race: I chose to register … Continue reading

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